Milena Horvat’s achievement in the local newspaper ‘Idrijske novice’ / 30.09.2019

September edition of the Idrija town local newspaper ‘Idrijske novice’ reported about the recent Lifetime Achievement Award at ICMGP 2019 for Mercury research which was given to Prof. Dr. Milena Horvat, and also about recent publication of the national HBM study.

The recent publication of the first national Human Biomonitoring results was published by the co-workers of the Department of Environmental Sciences and collaborating partners from the Medical University centre, supported by the Ministry of Health. The study is important at the national level as it allowed establishment of the first reference levels for potentially toxic and essential elements in a reference Slovenian population. The latter included women and men in childbearing age. The levels serve as background levels enabling interpretation of individual’s exposure in relation to potential health implications as a result of exposure to toxic elements.

Summary of the results in Slovene is available also in the website ‘Metina lista’.

Link to the "Idrijske novice".