MOOC Essential Radiochemistry for Society / 5.06.2020

Together with MEET-CINCH project partners we have developed MOOC Essential Radiochemistry for Society. If you are interested please enrol here.

The MOOC explains of how much radiochemistry is involved in everyday life and human activities through engaging people discovering an unknown discipline and convey them its fascination and relevance.

Radiochemistry is addressing many of the current societal challenges related to health, clean energy and food. Within nuclear medicine, diagnostic tools such as PET and SPECT imaging as well as radiotherapy heavily rely on radiochemistry for preparing radionuclide loaded biomarkers or cancer-seeking molecules. Food safety relies on the capability of Radiochemistry to assess the presence of artificial or natural radionuclides entering the food chain due to anthropogenic activities. To contrast the global climate change, nuclear energy could play a role in the future energy production mix as a low carbon emission technology. Nuclear techniques are fruitfully employed in nuclear forensics for guaranteeing the safety of civil society and also in archaeology for the study, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage.

The course helps raising awareness of the beneficial impact of Radiochemistry on our society, and how the scientific community has been developing sustainable technological solutions to safely manage nuclear materials.