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Administration and management

Laboratory for analytical chemistry

Trace element speciation

Organic analyses

Laboratory for Biogeochemistry

Inorganic biogeochemistry group

Organic biogeochemistry group

Isotopic biogeochemistry group

Laboratory for radiochemistry

Neutron Activation Analysis group

Laboratory for Colloid Biology

Center for mass spectrometry

  • Tina Kosjek

    Research Associate/Head of Center for MS
    +386 1 477 3434, 3288

Center for radon

Modeling, environmental impact and risk assessment group

  • Davor Kontić

    Research Associate, Head of Research Group
    +386 1 477 3751

Environmental informatics


  • Nives Ogrinc

    Assistant Head of Department, Head of Research Group
    +386 1 588 5387
  • David Heath

    ERA Chair Holder
    +386 1 477 3194

Quality Control

Work safety

  • Tomaž Rijavec

    Research Associate, Safety of Biological Materials
    +386 1 588 5208
  • Radojko Jaćimović

    Head of Research Group, Ionising radiation
    +386 1 588 5353
  • Doris Potočnik

    Research Assistant, Work Safety in Chemical Laboratories
    +386 1 588 5313

Assistant Head of the Department

Prof. Dr. Radmila Milačič, location Jamova

Prof. Dr. Nives Ogrinc, location Reactor

Quality manager: Dr. Polona Vreča (location Reactor)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Tea Zuliani (location Jamova)

Safety: Ionising radiation: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Radojko Jaćimović

Biological materials:  Assist. Prof. Dr. Tomaž Rijavec

Work safety in chemical laboratories: Dr. Doris Potočnik

Modeling, environmental impact

and risk assessment group

Innovation Hub for Surface and Colloid Biology Research

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Center for radon

Center for mass spectrometry