Radio broadcast on the use of stable isotopes to detect food frauds / 2.04.2018

Radio broadcast “Podobe znanja” hosted prof. dr. Nives Ogrinc on 25th of May 2018. The show was broadcasted at the national Slovenian radio station: Radio ARS.

Most of the frauds in food are related to the olive oil adulteration, followed by milk, honey, and wine. However, this type of fraud can also be detected. Here, the analysis of stable isotopes are of utmost importance, which can also indicate where some fruit has grown or what a certain animal was eating. They do not reveal only the origin and authenticity of our food today, it is also possible to find out what has eaten thousands of years ago. Of course, the usefulness of stable isotopes in analyses is not limited to food only. With their help, it is possible to monitor a wide variety of processes, whether they are natural or they are a consequence of human activity.

Link to the broadcast.