11th Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School Students’ Conference and 13th CMBE day / 25.04.2019

At the conference which was held in Planica on April 15th and 16th, best ISO-FOOD poster and best presentation awards went to…

ISO-FOOD poster award:
Lidija Strojnik: 'Analytical technique sniffs out aroma frauds’

Presentation award:
ECOTECHNOLOGIES: Taja Verovšek: 'Tripping, smoking, sipping – the sewer is revealing'
NANOTECHNOLOGIES: Mojca Juteršek: 'Love is in the air’
INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES: Zvezdan Lončarević: 'How to train your robot’
SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES - OTHER: Matic Jovičević Klug: 'Magnetic Noise? No Problem. We have Antiparallel Exchange Bias!'

Audience award:
1st: Mojca Juteršek: 'Love is in the air’
2nd: Martin Topole: 'Titanium Metal-Matrix Composites – materials of the future'
3rd: Arijana Filipić: 'Virus inactivation in water by plasma’

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