Active participation in COP5 of the Minamata Convention / 5.11.2023

The Department of Environmental Sciences (IJS-O2) attended the fifth meeting of the parties to the Minamata Convention (COP5), held between October 29 and November 3 in Geneva. During the meeting, we organized a "Knowledge Lab" titled "Connecting Science, Policy, and the Minamata Convention through Postgraduate Education".

We presented the results of the EU MSCA ITN project, GMOS-Train, coordinated by JSI-O2. The GMOS-Train project aims to educate a new generation of researchers through postgraduate studies who will help understand the behavior of mercury in the atmospheric and aquatic environments and contribute to effective mercury pollution management. This is crucial for monitoring the effectiveness of the convention at both the local and global levels, directly contributing to the implementation of the convention. Participation in the COP5 meeting was valuable as it provided insights into policy implementation, collaboration with stakeholders, and effectively communicating complex scientific concepts to the broader public. More information about the project can be found on the website