BI-MK/17-18-002: Methods for trace elements preseparation and determination in some minerals and other inorganic substances. The Department was visited by three researchers from Macedonia.


In June 2017, Dr. Milena Taseska-Gjorgjijevski, Jovica Todorov and Vasil Makrievski from the Republic of Macedonia visited the Department of Environmental Sciences in the framework of bilateral cooperation project. There is one principal investigator within the project in each country. Macedonian is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petre Makreski and Slovenian is Assist. Prof. Dr. Radojko Jaćimović.

The aim of the study is development of efficient, precise, separation methods for determination of trace elements in various inorganic substances (mainly manganese, zinc, chromium, thallium and other element based materials) and silica minerals. Dissolution of silica minerals is a very difficult task for chemistry because besides acids, which have oxidative properties, also HF should be used. In the course of the visit, we attempted the pre-separation of certain minerals and chemicals with the Tl and Mn content. Analyses of dissolved samples were carried out to determine short-lived radionuclides after Mn extraction using k0-INAA and TRIGA Mark II reactor.