Collaboration with the Port of Koper / 25.05.2018

Contribution to long-term safe business development of the port.

Based on the iNTeg-Risk project further development of business related KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) aimed at supporting top management decision-making has been made. Researchers from the Department of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and technology performed BBN (Bayesian Belief Network) simulations for the purpose to identify effective contributors to safe operation of the port. This has been associated with the top-management needs in terms of long-term business development and its protection against accidents involving hazardous materials. It has been recognised that accidents may have strong business consequences in terms of loosing trust of the clients with indirect cost going beyond 100 times the direct cost of an accident. The port's top and mid management now considers application of additional KPIs to secure long-term business. The work has been published in Safety Science (Safety related key performance indicators for securing long-term business development: a case study, doi: 10.1016/j.ssci.2017.06.004).