Do we have the tools to see where our bottled water comes from? / 9.09.2020

Not all bottled water is equal, neither in its elemental, nor in its isotope composition. We determined where the bottled water we drink originates from and does it really comply with all the standards put in place.

Regarding the latter, it does. All the samples analyzed were in compliance with regulations.

Using multielemental analysis and stable isotopes, we were able to compile a dataset which allowed us to determine the origin of the analyzed samples, and although we were not able to pinpoint the exact origin of our samples, we came to some interesting conclusions which provide a solid stepping stone for further research. We also urge that trace element and isotope monitoring is conducted more systematically prior to bottling, which would also be of great value to consumers in order to raise awareness about the origin and quality of water they drink.

You can find out more about our work and conclusions here: Zuliani, T.; Kanduč, T.; Novak, R.; Vreča, P. Characterization of Bottled Waters by Multielemental Analysis, Stable and Radiogenic Isotopes. Water 2020, 12, 2454.