Festival of Use of Invasive Alien Plants 10.10.2018 / 10.10.2018

Latest achievements of colloid biology developed at the Department of Environmental Sciences for use of the Invasive Alien Plant Species are going to be presented for general public by Aleš Lapanje, Tomaž Rijavec, Iaroslav Rybkin and Jutra Černilogar on the “Festival of the use Invasive Alien Plant Species”.

The festival is organized on behalf of the Applause project lead by the City Municipality of Ljubljana. Each of the partners will present their activities within the project.
Researchers from the Department of Environmental Sciences - O2 are working on developing solutions for transforming plant material to the valuable chemicals for industry, medicine or for the everyday general use. At the festival O2 is presenting the concept and approaches and will organize a workshop where everyone will get an opportunity to prepare thin layers, encapsulated cells as well as to entrap different dyes, which will be considered as a simulated chemical compounds.