FoodTraNet presented at MSCA Coordinators Info Day / 19.11.2023

At the MSCA Coordinators Info Day in Brussels, three remarkable MSCA ITN projects, including FoodTraNet, generously shared their insights and success stories on fostering collaborations with other projects and initiatives.

At the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action(MSCA)Coordinators Info Day held on November 9, 2023, in Brussels, three selected MSCA ITN projects—EuPRAXIA-DN, FoodTraNet, and PERSEPHONe—showcased their experiences in fostering synergies with other projects and initiatives. Nives Ogrinc (Department of Environmental Sciences), the coordinator of FoodTraNet, provided insightful perspectives on the project's experiences in synergies with other ongoing projects such as PROMEDLIFE and FishEUTrust, as well as engaging with industry stakeholders. With its primary aim of providing high-level intersectoral training in new and emerging techniques, including mass spectrometry for food quality, safety, and security, to a new generation of early-stage researchers (ESRs), FoodTraNet demonstrated how strategic collaborations contribute significantly to the project's success. Moreover, the Coordinators Info Day served as a dynamic forum where these projects not only shared their achievements but also paved the way for future cross-project collaborations, reinforcing the collective strength of the scientific community.


A video of the MSCA Coordinators Info Day can be found on YouTube.