Freshwater Ecosystems under Anthropogenic Stress: Water journal invitation / 10.09.2020

Water invites authors to provide innovative original full articles, critical reviews and timely short communications and to propose special issues devoted to new technological and scientific domains and to interdisciplinary approaches of the water cycles.

Message from the Guest Editors prod. dr. Tea Zuliani and prof. dr. Tina Kosjek

The present Special Issue will focus on the dynamics of contaminants in the freshwater ecosystem (water, sediments, and biosphere). Authors can submit work related to toxic elements, organometals, metalloids, radionuclides, and emerging contaminants such as microplastics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, flameretardants, personal care products, etc. We encourage the submission of environmental fate studies including biodegradation, bioaccumulation and deposition, transport, adsorption/desorption processes, and development of novel environmental analytical methods, including case studies. 

More information in the leaflet.