HBM 2018-2022 exceeded our expectations / 6.02.2020

We are pleased that the voluntary participation in our study, which analyzes concentrations of harmful chemicals in the bodies of children and adolescents, is above expectations.

Children and adolescents represent a particularly vulnerable group of population, where, due to the growth and development of the body and the specificity of organ function, the impact of potentially harmful chemical substances may be more pronounced than in other population groups. The purpose of our study is to determine what concentrations of harmful chemicals are found in the bodies of children and adolescents, which will help us identify the health risk factors.

Children and adolescents who live in potentially burdened areas in Slovenia (Mežica Valley, Celje Basin, Jesenice, Vrhnika …) and are 6-9 years old or 12-15 years old can join the research by voluntarily donating samples of urine, blood, hair and saliva for chemical analysis. The latter will evaluate the exposure to harmful and potentially harmful chemical elements and the nutrition of essential elements that are important in the overall risk assessment. We will also determine any genetic specificities. The results will help children, parents and schools become more aware of children's health, while contributing enormously to understanding the link between the environment and certain diseases and, consequently, to adopting more up to date measures to protect the health of all children and adults.

We are pleased that schools and parents have responded very positively to our study and that the number of children and adolescents included in the research is higher than expected. We received a particularly good response at Ljubečna Primary School.

You can see what the headmaster said in the video (slo) and some highlights in the photo gallery.