Help researchers and students from Ukraine / 15.03.2022

#ScienceForUkraine are worldwide volunteers that collect & disseminate info about support opportunities for students & researchers from Ukraine.

Mlada akademija created an excel file: where everyone who can accept Ukrainian researchers at the beginning of their career, can post an opening for a position.

The initiative is a part of @Sci_for_Ukraine community efforts to help Ukrainian students and researchers.

science for ukraine


UNI LJ had sent an invitation to the government and ministers to provide a legal basis for the study and employment of Ukrainian students and professors at UNI LJ:
The European Association of Universities has also prepared a joint statement and measures to help Ukraine

EUSolidarity - The EU is united in solidarity with Ukraine and will continue to support Ukraine and its people, together with its international connections, including through additional political, financial and humanitarian support. 


More on how to help Ukraine can be found on IJS webpage:

Your help is really appreciated!