IAEA TC Training workshop “Fundamentals of isotopes” / 15.03.2019

TC IAEA SLO5004 Improving Water Quality in Vulnerable and Shallow Aquifers under Two Intensive Fruit and Vegetable Production Zones (29.-31.1.2019)

Department of Environmental Sciences at JSI organized together with Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana a training course “Fundamentals of isotopes”. Training aims to provide insight into the use of isotopes for MSc and PhD students of natural, environmental and agricultural studies, and to inspire to apply isotopes in a thesis or for research with practical examples in a laboratory, was held at Department of Environmental Sciences. It consisted of one day of theoretical lectures and two days of practical work.
The main lecturers were Rani Bakkour from the Technical University of Munich, Germany and Nives Ogrinc (JSI).
Practical work was guided by Rani Bakkur and Andrija Ćirić (JSI).

The workshop programme avaialble here.