IAEA TC training / 20.12.2018

INT7019: Supporting a Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network towards Increased Involvement of Developing States

Scientific visits (10-14.12.2018) - training programme of Roberto Meigikos dos Anjos (Brazil), Carlos Manuel Alonso Hernandez (Cuba) and Saif Uddin (Kuwait) under the IAEA’s technical cooperation programme.
The training was held at Jožef Stefan Institute and Marine Biological Station (National Institute of Biology). We presented several techniques that can be used in researches concerning the ocean acidification: The use of radioactive isotopes in marine studies, the principles and use of k0-INAA in the marine environment, and methods to investigate dissolved inorganic carbon in the marine ecosystem where we demonstrated methods for measuring the isotopic composition of decomposed inorganic carbon in seawater. The main objective of the training was to establish the infrastructure and measurement operational procedure for the determination of DIC in sea water.