Involvement of the DNA structure in the interspecies gene transfer published in Scientific Reports / 7.02.2018

Researchers from the Laboratory for Bioanalytics assit. prof. Aleš Lapanje at Department of Environmental Sciences and dr. Jan Zrimec, currently a postdoc at Chalmers University, Sweden, showed among the first that structural properties of DNA molecules are among the most important features responsible for efficient interspecies transfer of mobile DNA.

Using physical model of DNA they defined specific noncoding sections responsible for transfer as well as repertoire of hosts for the particular mobile element. The developed approach enables selection of combination of antibiotics, which can decrease the frequency of transfer of antibiotic resistant genes among bacteria. The article showing these insights entitled as "DNA structure at the plasmid origin-of-transfer indicates its potential transfer range" has been published recently in the Scientific Reports, the Nature Publishing Group journal.