ISO-FOOD Best poster awards – meet the winners! / 23.05.2023

We are excited to present the best poster prizes awarded at the recent 2nd ISO-FOOD symposium “From Sources to Health” sponsored by Oritain (

It was one live poster session during which the presenters could discuss their research and the committee of five distinguished researchers selected the four winners:


Katja Babič: Characterization of Slovenian pork meat based on stable isotope ratio, multi-elemental analysis, and multivariate modelling approaches

Klara Žagar: δ18O and δ2H fingerprinting of tap water

Stefan Marković: Cr speciation in wine and beer using HPLC-ICP-MS and enriched stable isotopic tracers of 50Cr(VI) and 53Cr(III)

Marcia Viltres Portales: Selenium biofortification of wheat plants by foliar application of liposomes: selenium speciation by synchrotron radiation techniques


Congratulations to all!