ISO-FOOD Spring School for national stakeholders, April 4-7, 2017 / 28.03.2017

ERA Chair for isotope techniques in food quality, safety and traceability (ISO-FOOD) organizes a spring school on application of isotope and elemental analyses in food analysis for determination of its origin and authenticity. The school will take place on April 4-7, 2017, and is dedicated to national stakeholders.

During the course, trainees will get acquainted with the isotopic and chemometric methods for determination of geographical origin, authenticity and production regime of food products, such as wine, fruit juices, honey, milk products, bottled water, oils, vegetables etc. Following topics will be covered:

• background of isotope chemistry and application of stable isotopes for determination of the geographical origin of food
• elemental analysis of foodstuffs and their components
• stable isotope analysis of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and sulphur using isotope ratio mass spectrometry
• extraction and analysis of compound-specific isotope analysis of lipids, proteins and ethanol
• basic and multivariate statistical methods for data treatment
• quality assurance and quality control