Isoscapes of the annual mean precipitation tritium activity in the Adriatic–Pannonian region / 11.09.2020

Tritium is an important tracer in hydrological sciences and a prerequisite for its applications is to know the spatial and temporal changes of tritium activity in precipitation.

Continuous long-term records of tritium (3H) in precipitation are scarcely available worldwide; thus estimation or modelling is necessary to exploit its potential in hydrological research. Therefore, the aim of our study was to create a database of isoscapes for amount-weighted annual mean tritium activity in precipitation across the Adriatic–Pannonian region for the decades around the turn of the 21st century with a special focus on post-2010, which is not covered by the existing global models.

We collected >8000 monthly precipitation tritium activity values from >40 stations covering the period from January 1961 to December 2017. Further, the temporal and spatial characteristics of the available dataset were investigated and the outliers were identified and removed. Finally, the tritium isocapes for the period 1976-2017 for the Adriatic–Pannonian region (called the AP3H_v1 database) were derived.

The details are presented in the article published in Earth System Science Data: “Isoscape of amount-weighted annual mean precipitation tritium (3H) activity from 1976 to 2017 for the Adriatic–Pannonian region – AP3H_v1 database” prepared by Z. Kern, D. Erdélyi, P. Vreča, I. Krajcar Bronić, I. Fórizs, T. Kanduč, M. Štrok, L. Palcsu, M. Süveges, G. Czuppon, B. Kohán, and I. Gábor Hatvani, available at:

The Video supplement of the article prepared by D. Erdélyi et al. that shows an animated time series of the 3H isoscapes in annual increments is available at: