Mercury analysis and speciation training course / 23.11.2017

Between 8 and 18 November 2017, Department of Environmental Sciences organized a training course on Hg analysis and speciation, attended by Kyrgyzstan and South American delegations.

Between 8 and 18 November 2017, Department of Environmental Sciences hosted seven people from Kyrgyzstan and ten people from South American countries of Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Aim of the training course was to provide theoretical and practical knowledge on human biomonitoring with focus on mercury analysis in human samples (hair, urine, blood), however, measuring techniques for environmental samples, such as water samples, soil, sediment and measurement of mercury in the air were included. The lectures covered all the topics, from sampling, sample storage, analysis, evaluation of the results, to data interpretation and communication of the results. The trainees got information about the sampling procedure, sample and standard preparation, calibration of the system, mercury analysis and speciation including measuring techniques that are available at the department. They had practical work in the laboratory for preparation and measuring samples using wet digestion, microwave digestion and direct measuring of the mercury in the samples without preparation. In addition to the standards measuring equipment for mercury analysis, trainees also learned how to analyse Hg using ICP-MS.