New book: Coastal Ecosystems in Transition / 5.02.2021

New book “Coastal Ecosystem in Transition: A Comparative Analysis of the Northern Adriatic and Chesapeake Bay” edited by Thomas C. Malone, Alenka Malej and Jadran Faganeli was published by The American Geophysical Union.

The book presents an update of a study published two decades ago. Revisiting these two ecosystems provides an opportunity to assess changing anthropogenic pressures in the context of global climate change. The new insights can be used to inform ecosystem-based approaches to sustainable development of coastal environments. Volume highlights include:
• Effects of nutrient enrichment and climate-driven changes on critical coastal habitats
• Patterns of stratification and circulation
• Food web dynamics from phytoplankton to fish
• Nutrient cycling, water quality, and harmful algal events
• Causes and consequences of interannual variability.

Link to the published book:

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