New paper in Water published / 5.07.2022

SLONIP - the Slovenian Network of Isotopes in Precipitation, a research platform comprising isotope data and respective data visualization and analyzing tools is presented.

Knowledge of how the isotopic composition (i.e., δ2H, δ18O and 3H) of precipitation changes within an individual catchment allows the origins of surface and groundwater to be differentiated and the dynamic characteristics of water within individual water bodies to be traced. This paper presents the Slovenian Network of Isotopes in Precipitation (SLONIP), a research platform that has been operating since April 2020. The SLONIP platform currently contains 2572 isotope data points of monthly composite precipitation from eight locations obtained from various investigations performed since 1981. It also provides information about a sample’s location, analysis, and links to the relevant scientific papers. It also presents the data in numerical and graphical form, including monthly, seasonal, and annual means and local meteoric water lines, all calculated using a Python code made freely available on GitHub. The platform provides essential information for geographically, climatologically, and geologically diverse regions like Slovenia and can help improve our understanding of the water cycle on a local and regional scale.


Python code: GitHub - nyuhanc/Isotopes-in-precipitation-statistics: Python script for calculating basic statistics from data on isotope composition in precipitation

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