New paper - N in moss Hypnum cupressiforme / 11.01.2016

Spatial interpolation of N concentrations and 15N values in the moss Hypnum cupressiforme collected in the forests of Slovenia

Mosses were collected from 103 locations and analyzed for N concentration and δ15N values. At each location, the samples were collected from two types of site: under the tree canopies and in the adjacent forest openings. A spatial correlation was detected, and ordinary kriging could be applied only to the N in the mosses that were collected in the openings. In contrast, a spatial correlation was not detected for N in the mosses that were collected under the canopies or for the δ15N of the mosses at either type of site. For those, the spatial interpolation was calculated as the sum of the regression predictions and the inverse distance weighted interpolation of residuals. The maps for the N at both site types (canopy/open) identified similar areas with increased N concentrations. The sole exception was the mosses collected under the canopy, for which some local emitters of NOx were also identified.