O2 participated in IAEA-470A Fish Flesh Homogenate / 15.11.2022

Department of Environmental Sciences of the JSI has successfully participated in the Certification of trace elements and methylmercury mass fractions in Fish Flesh Homogenate IAEA-407A. 

The report can be found at:

Certification of Trace Elements and Methylmercury Mass Fractions in Fish Flesh Homogenate IAEA-407A | IAEA


The code of our laboratory is: 1

In the study we used three methods and IAEA has been able to certify:

As, Ca, K, Mg, Mn, Na, Rb, Se, Sr and Zn obtained by k0-INAA,

Hg obtained by CV AAS,

MeHg obtained by CV AFS.


It should be noted that data for Co and Cr obtained by k0-INAA have the status of information values due to some differences between the participant results.