Printed edition of Special Issue “Use of Water Stable Isotopes in Hydrological Process” published / 22.10.2020

The Special Issue reprint book edited by P. Vreča and Z. Kern has been published online and is freely accessible on the MDPI Books platform. 

Stable and radioactive isotopes in water are powerful tools in the tracking of the path of water molecules through the whole water cycle. In the last decade, a considerable number of studies have been published on the use of water isotopes, and their number is ever-growing. The main reason is the development of new measurement techniques (i.e. laser absorption spectroscopy) that allow measurements of stable isotope ratios at ever-higher resolutions. Therefore, this compilation of thirteen original research papers and one review paper has been published in Water to address current state-of-the-art water isotope methods, applications, and interpretations of hydrological processes, and to contribute to the rapidly growing repository of isotope data, which is important for future water resource management. 

The book is freely accessible on the MDPI Books platform:

Furthermore, the book can also be purchased as a printed copy directly from the website.