Radiological monitoring of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant in 2017 / 12.06.2018

Report, summarizing results of the radiological monitoring of the Krško NPP in 2017 is available. The estimated sum of all radiation contributions from the Krško NPP to the member of the public at the fence perimeter is 0.006 % of the characteristic unavoidable natural background radiation.

The Department of Environmental Sciences importantly contributes towards assessments of the radiological impact of the Krško NPP by provision of state-of-the-art accredited analytical services for the determination of tritium, C-14 and Sr-90 in different sample matrices from the environment and Krško NPP effluents. The results are the basis for the reliable assessment of the radiological impact of the Krško NPP, which was ascertained at less than 0.14 µSv per year for general public in the immediate surroundings in 2017. This represents 0.8 % of the authorized dose limit for the Krško NPP at the NPP fence (50 μSv), and 0.006 % of the natural background radiation.

The results of radiological monitoring are important for ensuring that general public and other stakeholders have insight in realistic radiological impact of Krško NPP, which helps creating trust between Kško NPP operator and other stakeholders in the region.

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