Reno Workshop in Measurement of Atmospheric Mercury / 20.10.2023

Jožef Stefan Institue's team, comprised of Prof. Dr. Milena Horvat, Dr. Igor Živkovic, and Sreekanth Vijayakumaran Nair (GMOS-Train ESR 2), recently attended a three-day workshop in Nevada organized by the University of Nevada, Reno, in the United States.

The workshop on the topic ˝Measurement of Atmospheric Mercury: Assessment of New Measurement and Calibration Methods and Development of a Path Forward˝ aimed to address critical aspects of atmospheric mercury measurements, calibration, and the research needed to overcome current limitations. This workshop holds great significance for Sreekanth’s ongoing Ph.D. research work within the GMOS-Train project. The workshop was based on numerous presentations, demonstrations, lab visits, breakout sessions, and roundtable discussions on crucial topics related to atmospheric mercury measurement and calibration methods. Participation in this workshop will contribute significantly to Sreekanth’s research progress and provide him with a unique opportunity to network with leading scientists in the field. The insights gained from this workshop will undoubtedly enhance the quality and scope of his research, ultimately benefiting the scientific community as a whole. Moreover, the experience gained will also have a positive impact on our ESR’s career prospects. An important outcome of the workshop was the commitment to publish a peer-reviewed paper. This publication would disseminate the workshop's findings and outcomes to the broader scientific community, ensuring the knowledge gained reaches a wider audience.