Sampling and measurements of different Hg forms in Anhovo Cement Plant flue gases /

First week after short New Year holidays, co-workers from the Department of Environmental Sciences, dr. Jože Kotnik, dr. Igor Živković, and Jan Gačnik performed sampling and measurement of different mercury fractions in flue gases of the Cement Plant Anhovo. Work was conducted within planned field samplings of the MercOx project.

Sampling were performed in plant stack, where other parameters are commonly measured. Flue gases were sampled by Lumex traps, that are commercially available for measurements of different Hg species, and using Lumex sampling system with probe. Sampling parameters depended on expected Hg concentration and type of trap used. As Hg concentration strongly depend on particulates in flue gases, three different mill regimes operated during sampling (two mills, one mill, no mills). Mercury captured on traps was immediately measured by Lumex pyrolysis method and determined using atomic absorbance spectrometer using plant laboratories.

Simultaneously, samples of used fuels and additions, clinker and captured particulates were taken. Traps and samples will be analysed at laboratories at Jožef Stefan Institute and send for comparing analysis to project partner laboratories (Lumex, UPPA, and LGC).