Sampling campaign in NP Krka completed / 15.09.2021

In the first week of September, lacustrine tufaceous samples were taken from river Krka at Brljan Lakes in “Krka” National Park, Croatia, for the analyses of isotopic composition of Mo, U, Sr and Mg in the sediment and interstitial water.

Sediment cores were collected at three sites in two major lakes at the Brljan area. We aim to prove that with combination of U, Sr and Mg isotope ratios it would be possible to quantify the amount of in-situ formed lacustrine authigenic carbonate. Further, we will investigate how U and Mo isotope ratios respond to changing redox conditions in organic-rich sediments.

 biogenic  abiogenic2

                             Biogenic and abiogenic carbonate from Brljan Lakes (Photo: Dr. S. D. Škapin)