Sampling of marine and Soča/Idrijca Rivers / 1.02.2021

Marine waters in Gulf of Trieste with Soča/Idrijca river systems are very interesting for mercury research as area include world second biggest Hg mine in Idrija and its influence area, influences of World War I. from upper Soča valley, and cement industry in lower Soča flow.

Therefore, part of mercury group performed winter sampling of marine and river waters needed for further experiments, development of analytical procedures, and to see how systems are changing after 25 years of Hg mine closure and monitoring. Samples were taken at four standard locations on Idrijca River (Idrijska Bela, Idrija, Kozarska Grapa, Bača pri Modreju), two locations on Soča River (Kanal and Deskle), and one location in the Gulf of Trieste (Izola).