Second Slovenian congress on waters, Podčetrtek, 19-20 April, 2017 / 11.04.2017

Prof. dr. Radmila Milačič, assist. prof. dr. Tea Zuliani, Janja Vidmar and Gregor Pavec attended the Second Slovenian congress on waters where the importance of the protection of water eco-systems was emphasized and the effectiveness and deficiency of the water management in Slovenia was critically evaluated.

The aim of the congress was to warn that the expansive growth of the urban areas, increasing possibility of potential pollution of water sources, the extensive use of water for electricity production and dynamical changing of weather, are factors representing a threat for water resources in Slovenia. In the water management plans, it is necessary to consider the needs of users, but most of all, the hydrological cycle, ecological properties of water bodies, economic aspects, the development and protective objectives and to follow know-how and advanced technological solutions.

On the meeting, oral presentation entitled Elements in water and sediments of the Sava River under high and low water levels was given by Radmila Milačič, under the thematic issue The water use and the water ecosystems, emphasising the need to make the results from the EU projects more available to stakeholders and local managers of the water resources.