Slovenian Chemical Society investigates environmental education programmes in Slovenia / 28.03.2024

Dr. Janja Vidmar and Prof. Dr. Ester Heath, both members of the Slovenian Chemical Society, Section for the Environment, recently published a paper in Acta Chimica Slovenica on the status of environmental education programmes in Slovenia.

An article entitled Environmental Education Programmes: A Case Study of Slovenia presents the results of a 2023 study aimed to evaluate the state of environmental chemistry study programmes across various educational levels in Slovenia. The study identified 46 programmes in environmental science across various educational levels, including ten in secondary education, ten in short-cycle higher vocational education, nine in bachelor’s programmes, 11 in master’s programmes, and six in doctoral programmes. Despite having only 2 million inhabitants, Slovenia’s high number of programmes per capita (9.5 per million inhabitants) highlights its rich educational base in environmental sciences. These programmes offer a broad range of subjects, particularly in higher education, reflecting their interdisciplinary nature.

The study highlights the progress made in Slovenia in the field of environmental sciences in the last 10 years and forms the basis for expanding the study at the European level. The paper was selected for the cover of the current issue of Acta Chimica Slovenica acknowledging its significance for advancing environmental chemistry education in Slovenia.