SmartMOVE Video / 23.10.2023

The SmartMOVE project addresses the management of sustainable mobility in high-traffic locations in Ljubljana, which represents the most congested transportation hub in the country.

In the capital city, where a quarter of all jobs in Slovenia are located, more than 120,000 people commute to work every day. The Ljubljana urban region is, therefore, the area with the highest traffic volume in the country and consequently the largest negative externalities related to mobility in Slovenia. The goal of the SmartMOVE project is to mitigate the negative environmental impacts resulting from unsustainable forms of mobility.

The main purpose of the SmartMOVE project is the implementation and promotion of sustainable mobility within companies and organizations. The project is based on developing incentives and empowering employees and employers to transition to sustainable mobility. A key aspect is the development of mobility plans that recognize carpooling as a novel approach to sustainable mobility and justify the need for infrastructure development to support it. Additionally, a pilot system of dynamic group transportation will be tested as a new sustainable alternative to existing transportation modes for commuting. To assess the state of employee mobility and set organization or company-level objectives, a specialized sustainability mobility certificate will be designed. In the final phase of the project, recommendations for strategic directions in sustainable mobility will be prepared.

Partners of the project are RRA LUR, IPoP, CER, LUZ, GoOpti, ZDS, Nordland Research Institute and IJS ...

Employees of the Jožef Stefan Institute (Departments E8 and O2) are developing a certificate as recognition for organizations actively promoting and fostering the sustainable mobility of their employees.


You can find out more in the below promotional video (in Slovenian):

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