The Antarctic and Arctic Research Council at the Slovenian Academy of Sciences / 9.03.2022

The Council was established on February 22, 2022, and our head of the department, Prof Dr Milena Horvat, was elected one of the honorary members of the Council.

The area of ​​work of the Council is the preparation of substantive starting points for the establishment and operation of the national Antarctic and Arctic Research Center, thus creating an appropriate systemic environment for ensuring their implementation and financing, and striving for the accession of the Republic Slovenia to the International Environmental Agreement (Paris Agreement) and other relevant international agreements in the field of polar research. Accession of the Republic of Slovenia Antarctic Treaty (Ratification of the Antarctic Treaty Act, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 10/19) in 2019 enables the participation of Slovenian researchers in scientific research in Antarctica, however, implementation steps in this direction have not been taken. As a member, the Republic Slovenia is also one of the addressees of the European Parliament Resolution of 16 March 2017 on integrated European Union policy on the Arctic (2016/2228 (INI)).