Participation in the television broadcast on Truffles and the use of stable isotopes to determine its origin and frauds / 16.10.2018

TV show “UGRIZNIMO ZNANOST” (let’s bite into science) presented the current knowledge about the truffle hunting and cultivation in Slovenia together with the isotopic analysis made on truffles and its aromas to determine the authenticity and geographical origins. 

Two of our co-workers Lidija Strojnik and Bor Krajnc presented the isotopic part which is performed at our department. The show was broadcasted on 11th of October 2018 at the national Slovenian TV station: RTV SLO1 

Because truffles are economically very interesting, they are also well researched. We know their sites and conditions for growth. In many European countries, they are traditionally cultivated, while in Slovenia, attempts to cultivate are still in their infancy. Why aren’t we able to breed a white truffle and why is a dog needed to find a truffle? When is the typical aroma of the truffle developed and why it often doesn’t match the flavor on the dish?