Visit from the General Hospital of Celje / 17.05.2023

The medical staff of the Gynaecological maternity department, General Hospital Celje, visited our Department to honor our collaboration in establishing a longitudinal birth cohort study in Celje and its surroundings.

Collaboration between the Department of Environmental Sciences and the Gynaecological maternity department of the General Hospital Celje started in 2018 when the teams initiated the second Slovenian birth cohort study in the field of Environmental health. Until the end of the year 2022, 225 mother-child pairs have been recruited in the Celje hospital, each pair providing a number of valuable biological samples, which will enable us to make a complete assessment of environmental exposure and early biological effects ever done in any study population in Slovenia. In order to honour this successful first phase of the study, we were happy to host the medical staff from the Gynaecological maternity department and its Head, Dr. Jakob Koren, who was the main driving force towards our collaboration and successful completion of the recruitment stage.