We are on the cover of Quaternary Research / 24.11.2020

Members of the Group of Isotope Biogeochemistry, Polona Vreča and Sonja Lojen, co-authored a paper on the origin and characteristics of the sediment of Lake Futalaufquen with colleagues from the Atomic Centre Bariloche and CONICET Scientific and Technological Centre of Northern Patagonia, Argentina.

Lake Futalaufquen is one of the most important lacustrine systems of glacial origin in Northern Patagonia. The westerlies at these latitudes define a strong west–east precipitation gradient and transport ash clouds from the Southern Volcanic Zone. Given the lake's geographical location and limited human activities, the geochemical and mineralogical composition of its sediments revealed information about environmental processes during the last 1600 years in a region of great relevance for studying past climate.

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