Zois awards - the highest national awards for outstanding achievements of Slovenian scientists / 21.11.2019

Prof. Dr. Nives Ogrinc received the Zois Award for Excellence in the Use of Stable Isotopes in Interdisciplinary Research.

Prof. Dr. Nives Ogrinc from the Department of Environmental Sciences at the Jozef Stefan Institute received the Zois Award for Excellence for the interdisciplinary use of stable isotopes of light and heavy elements in the fields of physical chemistry, ecology, metrology, food science and archaeology.
She conducted the most extensive research in the study of carbon cycling in aquatic environments and related climate change. An important result of her work is that despite the increase in carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, the Gulf of Trieste is still not susceptible to acidification processes. She upgraded such research by introducing new methods in the field of isotopes in organic chemistry, which is a novelty on a global scale and provides new information on the origin and traceability of organic compounds in the environment. One of its greatest achievements is the use of stable isotopes in foodstuff. She was the first to establish a system for determining the authenticity and traceability of foodstuff in the Slovenian area, which helps to protect consumers and contributes to the promotion of high-quality Slovenian products. Cooperation with archaeologists has led to new insights into the development and way of living of our ancestors and represents an important contribution to the enrichment of Slovenian and world cultural heritage.

Our sincere Congratulations!


Author of photographs: Marjan Verč
The television transmission of the event can be viewed on the RTV SLO archive.

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