Colloid Biology

Our Colloid biology lab is focused on molecular microbiology techniques including the isolation and characterization of bacteria, cell surface modifications, flow cytometry, particle size and charge measurements, microfluidics, fluorescent microscopy, and automated absorbance/fluorescence/luminescence essays. Modern molecular biological techniques include gene and genome sequencing, real-time qPCR, DNA fingerprinting (electrophoresis), DNA quantification, and quality check.

  • spectrophotometric determination of DNA concentration and purity,
  • spectrophotometric quantifications of proteins,
  • enzyme assays,
  • profiling of microbial communities (general and targeted),
  • metagenomics analysis of microbial communities,
  • particle size and surface charge analysis,
  • analysis of the surface charge of modified surfaces,
  • analysis of nanoparticles (charge and size),
  • fluorescent microscopy,
  • DNA isolation from human matrices,
  • single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping (targeted),
  • real-time PCR analyses.


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