Centre for Participatory Research

Welcome to the Centre for Participatory Research at the Institute Jožef Stefan (CPR-IJS)!

We are the first Science Shop in Slovenia and we are glad to offer you an assistance in solving your problems. Please fill-in the information form  or write us an e-mail message, or call us, and describe the issue you are concerned with. We will answer you promptly and advise on possible meeting for further clarifications and specifications regarding the collaboration.




dr. Davor Kontić


T: 01/477 3751

mag. Tine Bizjak

Early Stage Researcher

T: 01/477 3671

       "Jožef Stefan" Institute
        Jamova 39
            1000 Ljubljana   


What is it about?

Centre for participatory research is organised to assist in solving specific societal problems. It integrates interests and capabilities of different stakeholders for the purpose of finding and implementing solutions for a problem at stake. Research questions are initially expressed by Community-based social organisations (CSO), NGOs and/or individuals and are usually formulated as a societal problem which requires a solution. The CPR-IJS enables participatory research and imparts knowledge to organisations and people that otherwise do not have access to research results.

Who can participate?

CPR-IJS is open for participative research with CSOs, NGOs, citizens, students, academic researchers, community administrators, national institutions and others.

How does it work?

All project/research work is conducted pro bono, i.e. with no cost for CSOs, NGOs, citizens. The CPR-IJS helps in translating societal problems into well-defined research questions. It offers free research and scientific support to non profit organisations in the form of research conducted by students at the "Jožef Stefan" International Postgraduate School(IPS), young researchers at the "Jožef Stefan" Institute, and others in close collaboration with the community. The work is supervised by an experienced researcher.


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