Ecological Laboratory with a Mobile Unit

The Ecological Laboratory with a Mobile Unit – ELMU is one of first respond units in Slovenian security system which encompasses protection, rescue and relief activities on environmental pollution and ecological accidents with hazardous materials. ELMU is included in Civil Defense system of Slovenia in Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief which is constituent body of the Ministry of Defence. It is located and organized at Jozef Stefan Institute where experts, capabilities, specialized equipment and laboratories are available upon request for highly professional:

  • measurements and analysis of environmental contamination due to radiation (nuclear, radiological) or chemical incidents or emergencies,
  • impact assessment and evaluation of contamination, and
  • development of proposals for neutralization of pollutants, estimation the consequences of the pollution and the risks to the population and recovery of environment in previous state.

The ELMU consists of two mobile laboratories equipped for prompt in-situ sampling, measurements and analysis:

- Mobile Chemical Laboratory (MCL) with tasks of:

        • detection of hazardous substances in environment (detection, identification, simple and fast analysis on a field);
        • identification and marking of boundaries of contaminated areas;
        • determining the termination of chemical hazards;
        • sampling for further analysis and investigation;
        • propose, directing, coordination of safeguards and remedial measures;
        • examine the effectiveness of decontamination, neutralization and protective actions.

- Mobile Radiological Laboratory (MRL) with tasks of:

    • detection dangerous radioactive substances in the environment (detection, identification, dosimetry, simple analysis);
    • identification and marking of boundaries of contaminated areas;
    • measurement of the termination of a radiological emergency;
    • taking samples for analysis and investigation;
    • guidance, coordination and implementation of protective measures;
    • monitoring the decontamination actions.

- and a number of stationary laboratories capable of analyzing environmental and other samples to assess contamination and evaluate the impacts and risk for the public and environment.

ELME mobile laboratories ELMU are equipped with:

  • portable analytical instruments and monitoring devices: portable mass spectrometer, Raman spectrometer, gas chromatograph, X-ray fluorescence emission spectrometer, gas detectors, multiparameter nalyser, Alpha, Beta and Gama spectrometers, etc.
  • sampling equipment
  • personal protective equipment
  • communication equipment for fast respond in case of radiological or chemical accidents and pollutions to protect population and environment.

The ELMU is ready to respond at any time on 24/7 basis through its on-call system. Training and drills of teams are carried out by monitoring the selected pollution sites in Slovenia.