Mercury analyses

Total mercury concentrations and mercury speciation are routinely measured in atmosphere and stack gasses (gaseous elemental Hg, gaseous oxidised Hg and Hg bound to particulate matter) . In water samples (surface water, groundwater, waste water precipitation) total dissolved and dissolved elemental Hg, reactive Hg by SnCl2 and NaBH4, monomethyl-Hg by ethylation and hydration method and dimethyl-Hg can be determined.

In biological samples (hair, blood, urine, fish, food) following species are analysed: total Hg by acid digestion and CV AFS/AAS, or combustion and CV AAS (DMA), total Hg by k0-NAA, monomethyl-Hg and ethyl-Hg compounds. Apart from these, temperature fractionation of Hg by CV AAS or mass spectrometry and Hg after sequential extraction followed by CV AAS detection can be determined in solid samples (sediments, ores, soils etc.).

Stable isotope composition of Hg by multicollector ICP MS is available upon request.