10 Years of MCAA: Past, Present, and Future


Cathrine Terro from the Department of Environmental Sciences attended the recent Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) Annual Conference. This conference celebrated MCAA’s 10th anniversary held from March 14th to 16th, 2024, hosted in Milan.

Citizen Science on Ugriznimo znanost TV Show


“Ugriznimo znanost”, a TV show from the Slovenian National Broadcaster that strives to explain science in a popular, relaxed, and witty way, hosted our colleagues dr. David Kocman and dr. Rok Novak, who presented the work done at the O2 department on the topic of Citizen Science. 

ARIS meeting on Position of Citizen Science


At the ARIS session titled "The Position of Citizen Science and Its Placement within the Framework of Funding Scientific Research Activities," Dr. David Kocman elucidated his perspective on citizen science and the evolution of work on citizen science projects over the years.

ESPR achieved Q1 status with IF 5.8


Environmental Science and Pollution Research (ESPR) journal, with EiC Prof. Philippe Garriegue from the University of Bordeaux, France, and where Prof. Dr. Ester Heath served as an editor since 2009, has achieved Q1 status with an Impact Factor of 5.8. 

Our researchers published an article in a journal with IF-16.9


Dr. Raghuraj Singh Chouhan and Dr. Marko Štrok from the Department of Environmental Sciences of the “Josef Stefan Institute” in collaboration with Dr. Ivan Jerman from the National Institute of Chemistry and colleagues from abroad published an article entitled Recent advancements in the development of Two-Dimensional nanostructured-based anode materials for stable power density in microbial fuel cells which was published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.

FoodTraNet presented at MSCA Coordinators Info Day


At the MSCA Coordinators Info Day in Brussels, three remarkable MSCA ITN projects, including FoodTraNet, generously shared their insights and success stories on fostering collaborations with other projects and initiatives.