NT-ISO at IASWS 2022 / 15.06.2022

On 13-15 June, the 15th International Symposiun on the interactions between sediments and water was held in Piran in hybrid form. We presented a study on the use of U and Sr isotope ratios in river carbonate as quantitative identifiers of authigenic carbonate.

We determined the source partition of the carbonat fraction in river sediments at the main tufa barriers in the »Krka« National Park. We proved that the isotope ratios of 234U/238U and δ88Sr values could be used  quantitative identifiers of authigenic carbonate, therefore the CO2 storage in river sediments could be quantified. The results were surprising – a tufa precipitating river can be a potent continental sink of CO2, storing more than double amount of CO2 of that of a temperate forest! The presentation is here.