Project management

The project coordinator (PC), Prof. Milena Horvat, her project management, leadership and organization skills are evidenced by her CV. The PC role is to coordinate research activities and day-to-day management of the project, as well as coordinating the project with the WP and Task leaders. Her role will also be to Chair project meetings and prepare all documents and reports. Her broad experience in science policy interface will enhance project visibility and close collaboration with Stakeholders group (SG). PC will also be in charge of risk management and elaboration of contingency plans with the cooperation with the external Advisory board (AB).Advisory board members will be invited to the annual meeting of the project group.

The project will be implemented by the Department of Environmental Sciences of the Jožef Stefan institute ( The Department has been intensively involved in mercury research in Idrija and the Gulf of Trieste as well as in other similar contaminated sites around the word. The Department has laboratories and all necessary expertise and knowledge that allows complete work plan to be executed. The following researchers will be involved: Prof. Milena Horvat (PC): well-known scientist for mercury research including analytical chemistry, biogeochemical cycling, environment and health, risk assessment, remediation of Hg contaminated sites as well as intensive role in transfer of science to policy making; prof. dr. Nives Ogrinc a leading expert in the application of stable isotope research in the environmental sciences; dr. David Kocman is experienced in GIS modeling, data management and the fate of mercury in terrestrial environment; Dr. Jože Kotnik, a geologist experienced in mercury analysis, filed work and fresh water modeling and atmospheric Hg cycling; dr. Igor Živković has experienced in coastal marine and ocean biogeochemistry and modeling; dr. Ermira Begu an excellent analytical chemist experienced in atmospheric mercury measurements dr. Raghuraj Singh Chouhan an expert in nanosensor development; doc dr. Aleš Lapanje and dr. Tomaž Rijavec experienced microbial ecology in biosensor development. Doc. Dr. Marko Štrok experienced in isotope related techniques, radiometry and atmospheric chemistry and physics.

The project will also involve four PhD students.

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