Department of Environmental Sciences

The Department of Environmental Sciences encompasses a broad range of research activities, diverse and varied as the environment itself.

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FoodTraNet ITN Virtual Kick-off Meeting

FoodTraNet ITN Project Virtual Kick-off Meeting is taking place from 9 – 10th of December 2021. On this occasion, a research and training programs will be presented. In addition, all ESRs will present their research plans and ideas.



Iaroslav Rybkin PhD defense

Congratulations to Dr. Iaroslav Rybkin, who successfully defended his doctoral dissertation Development of methods for electrostatic immobilization and coupling of different microbial cells.

Leja Rovan PhD defense

Congratulation to Dr. Leja Rovan. Her doctoral dissertation Method for the determination of uranium isotope ratios and its application as a novel geochemical tracer was very successfully defended.

Bronze medal for innovation awarded to Dr. Lapanje and Dr. Rijavec

Dr. Lapanje and Dr. Rijavec got awarded for the bronze medal for the innovation entitled “Aggregation of Microbial Cells for Improved Fermentation” at the ARCA international innovation exhibition. The ARCA has been promoting innovation for years, following the example of the world's most prestigious innovation fairs and exhibitions, and is one of the most significant events in the calendar of the International Federation of National Innovative Federations (IFIA).

IsoCont - New important project at O2

This month, a large three-year research project on the transfer of mercury from Idrija through the Soča river to the Gulf of Trieste began, led by our head of the department, Prof. Dr. Milena Horvat.

Newspaper Delo on Drugs in Slovenian Educational Institutions

Using a method of wastewater analysis, researchers of the Organic Analysis Group, led by Prof. Dr. Ester Heath discovered that the most widespread drugs in Slovenian educational institutions are nicotine, alcohol and cannabis. Unfortunately these drugs weren't the only one.

SURFBIO Training School

Online courses on Wet-dry methodologies for studying cell-surface and cell-cell interactions based on system biology will take place on November 8th to 12th, 2021.

ITN MSCA GMOS-Train Meeting at O2

The meeting is taking place from October 6th – 8th  2021, in Ljubljana, in person. This Mid-term Check is an excellent opportunity to get together the whole consortium members and to review all the work done so far, to address all the issues and to discuss future plans.


ERASMUS+ exchange with Kazakhstan

The overall objective was to strenghten the collaboration with Al-Farabi KazNu in the field of environmental radioactivity and gamma spectrometry, development of new approaches in teaching of gamma spectrometry techniques and methods.

Results of drugs found in wastewater of Slovenian educational institutions published

Researchers from the Department of Environmental Sciences published the results of a survey on the presence of residues of permitted and prohibited drugs and medicines that are abused in educational institutions in Slovenia in the journal Science of the total Environment.

Helena Plešnik received Krka award

Her MSc thesis entitled "Determination of bacterial lignin degradation products by liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry" which she worked on as part of the Applause project, was chosen to be awarded the Krka Award for research work at 51st Krka Awards call for best research projects.



WATSON in action

On September 28-29, the first hybrid meeting of the COST Action WATSON ‘WATer isotopeS in the critical zONe’ will take place in Ljubljana.

Legacy of the work of Dr. Hirokatsu Akagi in Slovenia

August 6, 2021 marks the first anniversary of death of our dear friend Dr. Hirokatsu Akagi well known for  his outstanding contributions in scientific research, mentoring,  public outreach, and impact on mercury policy and management.

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The Department of Environmental Sciences encompasses a broad range of research activities, diverse and varied as the environment itself.

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They are multidisciplinary, from different natural sciences to social sciences, in particular chemical, physical, geological and biological, which define our environment, society and human activities.

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With our research we would like to clarify the relationship between natural processes and human activities, and the influence of these activities on human health and the environment

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