Department of Environmental Sciences

The Department of Environmental Sciences encompasses a broad range of research activities, diverse and varied as the environment itself.

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The EMN-FOOD got new leadership

The European Metrology Network for Safe and Sustainable Food (EMN-FOOD) was established in September 2022. 

Results of the analysis of potentially toxic element content in samples after the August floods

Mud or sediment sampling, brought about by the floods in early August, was carried out on August 12, 2023, by ELME (Ecological Laboratory with a mobile unit operating under the Civil Protection of the Republic of Slovenia) or the »Jožef Stefan« Institute. A representative from the Environmental Agency also participated in the sampling.

Adna Alilović received a Specialty Section Award in Chemical risk assessment research

Adna Alilović is the inaugural recipient of the ERASS (Chemical Risk Assessment Research) presentation prize for her work on methyl mercury after ingesting tuna at the EUROTOX 2023 conference. 

Polona Klemenčič received Krka award

Council of the Krka Awards Fund has given Krka's award to Polona Klemenčič for her Master Thesis.

BIPM KCDB published 4 new CMCs of JSI/O-2 on 2023-09-01

In January 2023 for Cycle XXIV for submission of CMCs (Calibration and Measurement Capabilities), JSI/O-2 submitted four new CMCs for Cd, Ni, Pb, and Se in category 5: Water, sub-category 5.1. Fresh water for review under EURAMET (European Association of National Metrology Institutes).

Intercomparison of k0-NAA Software Packages

NAA is the most common technique implemented in research reactors worldwide. In 2021, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) invited all known developers of k0 software packages to participate in an interlaboratory comparison (ILC). 

Floods in Slovenia, August 2023

During the night between August 3 and 4, 2023, northern Slovenia was hit by violent flash floods that developed after storms with extremely heavy rain. After the floods, landslides followed due to the wetness of the terrain. The heavy downpours lasted until August 6. Especially torrential streams and rivers of Mežiška dolina, Zgornja Savinjska dolina, and Gorenjska have grown exceptionally. A flood wave followed causing flooding downstream.

Participation in the HEALS study through the eyes of the General Hospital Celje

In the Monitor magazine, published by the General Hospital Celje, Mag. Jakob Koren, MD, the head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, wrote an article about the visit of their staff to the Department of Environmental Sciences.


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The Department of Environmental Sciences encompasses a broad range of research activities, diverse and varied as the environment itself.

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They are multidisciplinary, from different natural sciences to social sciences, in particular chemical, physical, geological and biological, which define our environment, society and human activities.

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