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EMPIR project coordinator given lifetime achievement award for mercury research


This award was established in 2011 to celebrate and recognise individuals who have made extraordinary lifetime achievements in mercury research, mentoring, or contributions to governmental policy and public outreach. At the International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP) 2019 in Krakow EMPIR Project Coordinator Milena Horvat from the Jožef Stefan Institute was awarded the Life Achievement Award for mercury research. 


Sampling of marine and Soča/Idrijca Rivers


Marine waters in Gulf of Trieste with Soča/Idrijca river systems are very interesting for mercury research as area include world second biggest Hg mine in Idrija and its influence area, influences of World War I. from upper Soča valley, and cement industry in lower Soča flow.

Reactor snowflakes are grown from nucleus


Of course snowflakes or snow crystals don’t have nuclei in the traditional, biological way, but they all do form around one single particle whether that’s a speck of dust or a piece of pollen.

We are on the cover of Quaternary Research


Members of the Group of Isotope Biogeochemistry, Polona Vreča and Sonja Lojen, co-authored a paper on the origin and characteristics of the sediment of Lake Futalaufquen with colleagues from the Atomic Centre Bariloche and CONICET Scientific and Technological Centre of Northern Patagonia, Argentina.